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Welcome to Photography by John Cannon. With twenty five years’ experience in facilities positions at the College of the Holy Cross and MIT, I am not your typical photographer. Throughout my career in facilities, I often worked with contractors and architects, which means I have a deeper understanding of what you, as my photography client, are looking for in architectural photos. My experience has demonstrated to me the significance of professional architectural photography for the design and construction industries. I take the responsibility very seriously to use that experience to provide photos that you and your clients will love. 


My true passion for photography began about ten years ago, as the availability of social media gave me a new space to share my work with others and bring them joy through my photos. This interest in photography led me to learn from the resident photographer at Holy Cross, who provided me with invaluable training and knowledge through his mentorship. At Holy Cross, I had plenty of opportunities for taking photos of the campus’s beautiful architecture and landscaping. My photos were used to support several awards the College won, and they were also used in campus materials such as press releases, the website, the alumni magazine, and the yearly calendar. After years of honing my architectural photography skills through these experiences, I now am prepared to use my enthusiasm and unique perspective to give you and your clients photos that exceed your every expectation. 


My focus is always to provide you, as well as your clients and prospective clients, with valuable images that demonstrate the creativity and excellence of your work. Nothing would make me happier than to work as an extension of your marketing team, as I have always been fascinated with the business development process. For those of you who have not yet worked with me, you will find that I am a very trustworthy and skilled professional who understands the value of your work and how important it is in this modern digital age to show the world what you can do. 


I encourage you to visit my LinkedIn page if you would like to learn more about me and my background. I enjoy not only sharing my photos, but also elaborating on the process behind creating a unique and thoughtful image. I hope that you will find it to be very enlightening to understand more of what drives me. 


Photographing your facility or project would be a pleasure and an honor for me so please feel free to reach out to discuss any possible opportunity.

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