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We will begin your photo experience with a consultation to discuss your project, your photo needs, and my process. This meeting or call allows me to focus on learning as much as I can about your project so I can ultimately deliver you a product that exceeds your expectations and brings out the great qualities of your work.


In order for the shoot to run smoothly, there are several things I will need to discuss with you in advance. The more information you can provide, the more it will help to plan a great, enjoyable, and efficient photo shoot. Information that will be useful for me includes (but is not limited to):

  • A brief summary of the project to be photographed

  • Address of the project

  • Size of the building(s)

  • Approx. number of images you would like to receive

  • Scheduling preferences

  • Anticipated stage of completion of the project for photo shoot

  • Potential owner restrictions

  • Potential need for models

  • Anticipated furnishing/staging

  • Availability of parking and space to load equipment

  • Availability of Wi-Fi

  • Specific protocol or safety requirements for a space


I also request some materials to be provided in advance of the photo shoot. These materials may include:

  • Building floor plans

  • List of all spaces you would like photographed

  • Any available shot list or scouting photos


At the conclusion of our consultation, I should be able to provide a cost estimate proposal. I work with a fixed cost, so the cost proposal will not change unexpectedly.

Photo Shoot


On the day of the photo shoot, I arrive about thirty minutes before scheduled to begin so I can set up and assess the space. When possible, I like to meet with the owner's facilities representative or a project superintendent to understand the building systems. As a former facilities director, I am happy to talk with them directly before the shoot if you can provide their contact information. With you or the client in attendance, I walk through the building, which allows us to discuss and agree upon photo compositions.


Once I begin to photograph the project, you can expect each composition to require up to thirty minutes since each final photo will be composed of multiple images. Throughout the photo shoot, my laptop will be tethered to the camera to give you the opportunity to view the photos as I take them, and for you to provide feedback to which I will adjust accordingly.


When the photo shoot has concluded, I will ensure the building is left in the condition requested. When possible, it would be helpful for a building representative to be present to ensure the building conditions meet expectations.

Photo Processing and Delivery


Final images will be processed and provided to you within 5 business days, unless otherwise discussed. I process photos using CaptureOne and Photoshop, and they can be provided in TIFF or JPEG format and delivered through Dropbox. Before I deliver the photos, however, I will arrange a final virtual meeting to review the images with you to ensure your satisfaction.


After I have completed finalizing the images, I will send you the invoice. Upon my receipt of payment, I will license the photos for your use.


The ultimate goal for the project is to provide you with great material to impress your future and current clients. As a photographer, I will utilize my skills to provide the best quality images in my opinion. However, this is a partnership and I am working for my clients, so just let me know if there is something specific that you would like to see. I love what I do so you will find that I am very focused but also having a great time so please feel free to join me in all the fun.

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